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With JUAN RUIZ NAUPARI, founder and International Director of Pneuma Institute.
January 23rd to March 19th, 2023.

Gnostic Mysteries of Light

This sacred book contains the “Gnostic Mysteries of Light”. The original Greek text (200-300 BC) is lost. Only a single version in Coptic in Sahidic dialectic is preserved in a single manuscript, the Codex Askewianus, dated around the second half of the 4th century AD and now in the British Library. In the Pistis Sophia, the Teachings given by Jesus the risen Christ to Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Peter, John, Thomas, Andrew, Philip, Matthew, Salome and Martha are expressed in the form of a dialogue. 

Its teachings are highly symbolic, carrying a message addressed to the consciousness, hidden within the symbolic language of the higher emotional and intellectual centers. This allegorical language is comparable to that of the parables.
Many of the sacred texts we know have been written precisely with the intention of activating in the reader an experience of deep understanding that transcends normal states of consciousness and leads to a transpersonal experience beyond the mind, into the real nature of wisdom and love. 

 Sophia’s story is an archetypal example of how each of us must spend our lives in search of the light and the conquest of inner peace until we reach self-realization.
The manuscript narrates how on her journey of remembering who she is, Sofia learns what true love and wisdom are, and also sees spaces of suffering and hellish conflict. Her love is sincere, but the means by which she wants to reach the Light turn out to be false. 
Sophia believes that she can return to the light by her own might, but she falls even lower with this belief, as the only way to definitively defeat the darkness and enter the light is with the help of the Christ, the inner, intimate part of us all that is just waiting to be remembered and activated. 

PNEUMA BREATHWORK, the experience of divinity; a revolutionary and safe technique for accessing expanded states of consciousness to experience its healing potential and learn directly from one’s own inner wisdom. 


• Pistis Sophia; the most intimate gospel of Jesus. 
• Teachings and dialogues between Jesus and his disciples; women and men, for the 11 years after his resurrection.
• Fall and disintegration of the soul; the lost inheritance.
• The 13 repentances of Pistis Sophia and the parallel between the Psalms and the Odes of Solomon.
• Two Pneuma Breathwork Sessions to be held at Pneuma Institute of your choice. (The participation in the two Pneuma Breathwork sessions is not included in the course fee.)


“I looked, O Light, to the parts below.
I saw a light in that place, and I thought:
I will go to that place to receive that light… 
But I looked up to the height to thee, O Light. 
And I believed in thee. 
Now at this time, O Light of Lights, 
I am oppressed in the darkness of the Chaos.
If now thou dost wish to come to save me – great is thy compassion – hear me truly and save me.” 

Second and thirteenth repentance of Pistis Sophia 




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