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Pneuma Institute - Alessandra Brunelli


Alessandra holds a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from La Sapienza University, Rome, 1994, with a specialization in Maxillofacial Surgery, La Sapienza University, Rome, 2001.

In addition to serving as the medical manager of Maxillofacial Surgery at San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome, Alessandra has trained in Neural therapy (SIME, Italian Society for Functional Medicine, 2012), Homeopathy (Aurum Homeopathy School, Rome, 2015), Acupuncture (SOWEN Acupuncture School, 2017), and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (Escorial-María Cristina Royal University Centre, Madrid, 2017)

She became a Pneuma Transpersonal Training Certified Facilitator in 2013 which allowed her to integrate the psychospiritual dimension in the field of traditional medicine.

Pneuma Institute - Cinzia Lemmo

CINZIA LEMMO, Psicotherapyst

Cinzia is a psychotherapist – receiving her degree in Psychological Sciences from the Pontical Faculty of Educational Sciences “Auxilium” in Rome in 2003. That same year she established a private practice which she still continues. She completed a specialization in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy in ITRI in 2012 where she delved deeply into analytical Jungian psychology and systemic-relational therapy. In 2013 she began to work as a Pneuma Transpersonal Analyst, applying the psycho-spiritual framework that Pneuma Transpersonal Training offers and the use of Amplified States of Consciousness in the treatment of diverse psychological pathologies.

Pneuma Institute - Arturo

ARTURO LOZANO, Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute. He studied the 3rd. Semester of Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Certification in Pneuma Transpersonal Training in Bucharest, Romania, endorsed by the Romanian College of Psychologists and by the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology. Training in Transpersonal Psychology by Grof Transpersonal Training. Fourth Way Studies. Training in Semiology of daily life at the Instituto de Semiología S.C. Former professional soccer player. Facilitator in youth awareness groups. Currently, he is a facilitator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training, conducts individual sessions of Transpersonal Pneuma analysis, and teaches specialization courses.

Pneuma Institute - Maite Pardo Sol

MAITE PARDO SOL, Psychotherapist
Investigator of levels of consciousness since her youth. She is a specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy, Psychomotricity, and the Psychopathology of Language. Post-graduate degree in Intercultural Social Mediation. She is a facilitator of Group Processes and Systemic Constellations. She has organized events of inter-religious dialogue and she is a mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace. She offers Transpersonal Training in “Pneuma Dreamwork: Dreams for Awakening” and “Essential Shamanism”. For 15 years she has shared her experience as a therapist and transpersonal trainer from the perspective of Pneuma Transpersonal Training. She travels throughout Europe and the Americas giving workshops, seminars, and conferences as well as individual sessions in counseling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Pneuma Institute - Maricruz


Mary Cruz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Guadalajara and also completed a Master’s degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Primary Education and a Certification in Criminal Psychology from IECFJ. She currently works as both a teacher at the primary level and as a teacher of Psychotherapy. She is the supervisor of case studies for professional practices in Psychotherapy at the University of Benemérita in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Since 2000 she’s been dedicated to private psychological consultations, psychological and spiritual treatment with a focus on Transpersonal Psychology. She has formed part of the team of Facilitators of Pneuma Transpersonal Training since 2000.

Pneuma Institute - Miguel

A psychologist from the University CEU San Pablo of Madrid. He specialized in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Clinical and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for children and families (Pontifical University of Comillas), and Psychoanalytic group therapy. Miguel is a graduate of Psychotherapy and Analytical Jungian Psychology. He is a member of the IEPPM, of SIDPAJ, and of EUROTAS. He has worked as a therapist in psychiatric institutions since 2006 and has been a therapeutic team coordinator since 2012. He became part of the team of facilitators of Pneuma Transpersonal Training In 2013 and continues in his study of Amplified States of Consciousness and their application in psychotherapy. He currently offers individual sessions of Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis.

Pneuma Institute - Renzo

RENZO MENAPACE, Medical Doctor

Renzo graduated from his medical studies at the University of Verona in 1985. Given his great interest in the deepest and most complete methods of healing of the human being, he studied iridology, phytotherapy (L. Costacurta School of Naturopathy and Iridology), homeopathy (The Homeopathic Medicine School of Verona), homotoxicology (The School of Homotoxicology and Integral Discipline Milan), neural therapy and clinical environmental medicine. His inner search led him to find Pneuma Studies whose clear and profound teachings have been integrated into his life and his professional practice. In 2008 he began his work as a facilitator accompanying groups and individuals on their path of self-knowledge and the progressive healing of their psyche.

Pneuma Institute - Elena

ELENA NUIKINA, Psychologist, PhD.

Elena is the coordinator of Pneuma Institute in Russia. She graduated in Political Science from the State University of Urals in Russia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Global Economics and Politics from Kassel University in Germany and a Doctorate in Social Geography and Anthropology from Vienna University. She has worked on two research projects in Finland and Austria and has coordinated scientific projects in northern Russia. She has also participated in various lectures in several places around the globe. Elena is a certified facilitator of transpersonal psychology and Pneuma Breathwork.

Pneuma Institute - Shamti

SHAMTI RUIZ, Dance and Researcher

Shamti is the creator of Pneuma Dance. She received a degree in Dance Science from the European University in Madrid and trained in Bharatanatyam dance in India. She is a certified yoga teacher from Akshar Yoga and Rishikul Yogshala in India. She is also a certified facilitator of Pneuma Breathwork. She is now studying for certification in Eastern Fusion Dance at the Alicia Alonso Dance Studio in Madrid. Shamti is also researching Sacred dance at UEM University. She is the coordinator of Solar Art and Pneuma Summer Camp at Pneuma Institute’s headquarters in Mount Shasta. Shamti offers international courses, seminars, and retreats.



Pneuma Institute - Victoria Castles

VICTORIA CASTLES, Nurse and Teacher

Victoria has a background as a General Nurse working in intensive care, and with neonates, adults, the elderly, and with childhood disabilities. She has a post-graduate degree in Midwifery and is trained in Classical Homeopathy and Remedial, Shiatsu, and Kahuna Massage.

Rudolf Steiner teacher training and 7 years full-time employment as a secondary school teacher of the subjects of PDHPE, Design & Technology, and English. Certification in Business Administration. A lifelong quest for Truth and the nature of real lasting Inner Peace, health, and wellbeing bought me to the door of Pneuma Transpersonal Training (PTT).  Under the loving and wise guidance of Juan Ruiz Naupari, she has been a student of PTT since 2008, and in recent years a facilitator of PBW and the module ‘Inner Knowledge’, both in Canada and Australia.


Pneuma Institute - Alexina

ALEXINA MEHTA, Naturopathic Physician
Alexina is a naturopathic physician, Ayurveda practitioner, and speaker in natural health with over two decades of experience and study. She attended the University of British Columbia and received a Bachelor of Human Kinetics. She also trained in Yoga and Pilates and then completed a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. She also trains healthcare practitioners in how to up-level healthcare to be more integrative in nature.

She has spoken on the topics of stress management to over 150 different organizations, including the United Nations. She is honored to be a Pneuma Breathwork and Pneuma System facilitator based in Vancouver, Canada.

Pneuma Institute - Christyn

CHRISTYN M HALL, Dancer and Painter

Christyn is a dancer and a painter from the West Coast of Canada. For her, art is a sacred language of the heart. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in Fine Arts and has devoted her art career to exploring sacred symbols, myths & iconography. In 2012, her love of psychology, religion, and mysticism led her to meet Juan and listen to the teachings of Pneuma. Since then, Christyn has found a space to express this love of the inner mystery both through her paintings and as a facilitator of Pneuma Breathwork and Pneuma Transpersonal Training.

Pneuma Institute - Mischa

MISCHA HARRIS, Somatic Therapist
Mischa is a somatic therapist and health coach with a deep interest in how the inner worlds reflect in our physical world. His study with Pneuma began in 2013 and has brought a radical transformation to his life on all fronts. As his field of study expanded, the teachings of Pneuma made sense of so many of the world’s complexities.  Mischa holds a Masters degree in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia and is passionate about helping people uncover the mysteries of health and wellness that show the way to immense happiness and peace.

Pneuma Institute - Tanya

TANYA GEE, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tanya is a veteran Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM) with over 25 years of private practice. She has a thriving multi-disciplinary clinic in Vancouver, Canada, and is dedicated to the principles of Service, Devotion, Compassion, and Love. Tanya is also a global lecturer/educator, philanthropist, volunteer Canadian coordinator of Pneuma Canada, and active Board Member for Pneuma Institute Foundation: a charity organization dedicated to the preservation of ancient wisdom of the Q’eros of Peru and the Tibetan Buddhists residing in India. The sacred teachings of Pneuma Institute have offered Tanya the psychological framework needed to create deep peace and harmony within herself.


ALESSANDRA BRUNELLI, Surgical Physician (Staff Member)

Pneuma Institute - Alessandra Neri

ALESSANDRA NERI, Stylist and Fashion Consultant

Alessandra Neri graduated in 2000 from the Academia di Moda e Costume in Rome. She is a counselor and entrepreneur through her own company. She researches the true meaning of metaphysics and inner transformation, studies philosophy, symbolism, mythology, and Kabbalah. In 2011 she become a Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator, integrating her artistic training into Transpersonal Psychology. Her job revolves around the dissemination of the message in relation to the human being’s potential psychological transformation, which is present in the works of all great artists.

Pneuma Institute - Carmen


After obtaining her Diploma in Nursing, Carmen worked for 25 years in the medical field but this did not prevent her from walking a psycho-spiritual path that led her to travel around India, South America, and Mexico several times. In 2004 she met Juan Ruiz and started studying the Pneuma System and delved into its teachings. This allowed her to acknowledge and practice what she had been so long looking for – serenity and the meaning of life. In 2008 she gave up her job at the hospital to devote herself to Pneuma Institute and the dissemination of the teachings.

CINZIA LEMMO, Psychotherapist (Staff Member)

Pneuma Institute - Consuelo

CONSUELO LEONARDI, Socio-Health Educator

She chose humanities for her education and holds a Degree in Social and Health Education. As the Head of Services, she has worked for 27 years (from 1993 to 2020) with seriously disabled people. Her duties consisted of supporting families in collaboration with social and health services in her area. Her search for the existential meaning of life has been ongoing since she was a little girl. In 2013 she chose to follow the path of Pneuma, where she feels she wants to put down roots in order to integrate the deep teachings of this school into her everyday life.

Pneuma Institute - Cristina

CRISTINA ABBALLE, School Teacher and Dancer

Diploma at the Instituto Magistrale G.Caetani in Rome (Institute of Teaching G. Caetani) Maria Cristina has been working as a primary school teacher for Rome’s City-hall. She has shown an interest in spiritual questions since her youth and discovered Pneuma Institute in 2005. Pneuma’s method has allowed her to find answers to the meaning of life. She obtained her Facilitator’s Diploma in Mexico in 2012. Simultaneously, she started her studies in eastern dance and regularly takes part in courses with different masters on the international level. She took a professional course with master Saad Ismail to be able to teach Eastern Dance. She studied Indian, Persian, and Contemporary Eastern Dance. She is also a Pilates instructor.

Pneuma Institute - Katia


Katia Mastropaolo has manifested a deep, spontaneous artistic sensitivity since early childhood. She was trained at Liceo Artistico in Viterbo and Rome. At 22 she graduated in Graphic Design at the I.E.D in Rome.

In 2002, through Pneuma, Katia discovered the possibility of embarking on a voyage of integral spiritual growth that revolutionized her existence from the roots. Pneuma’s teachings have allowed her to give form to a new way of art focused on recovering its potential to bestow beauty and harmony and recover the profound human culture which is inherent to objective spiritual experience.

Pneuma Institute - Massimo


Massimo has been a Pneuma Institute Certified Facilitator since 2012.

Following a deep personal crisis, he started searching for the meaning of life. After having different experiences he met Juan Ruiz in 2005 and experienced Pneuma Breathwork. This allowed him to acknowledge the potential of this practice and the teachings of Pneuma. He then decided to follow this path with the purpose of joyfully sharing it with others. Massimo is presently the administrator of a family business and he has also devoted himself to the dissemination of the teachings in the Pneuma Institute center in Rome.

Pneuma Institute - Nunzia


Nunzia finished her vocational training studies in 1985. This allowed her to open an agency specializing in taxes and tax advising. Although her attained goals were satisfactory, the dynamics she experienced in everyday life often resulted in negative emotions. She felt that her emotions ran her life. The search for a methodology that could help her to remember that she was born to be happy led Nunzia to meet Juan Ruiz Naupari and the Pneuma system. She became a facilitator in 2012.

Discovering the Pneuma system has been and continues to be a gift from Heaven.

RENZO MENAPACE, Medical Doctor (Staff Member)

Pneuma Institute - Sara

SARA ONORATI, Events & Congress Manager

Sara Onorati has asked herself questions about the meaning of life since childhood and started her search when she was very young. This led her to delve into Classical Studies and Anthropology. She has studied the Daoist arts, Kung Fu and Tai Chi. She also delves into meditation techniques and has studied Bach flower therapy and art therapy.

She found and fell in love with the teachings and practices of Pneuma in 2007, recognizing from the first moment Pneuma was her path. In 2012 she obtained her Facilitator’s Certificate and has since been disseminating with joy and profound gratitude the gifts of this authentic path for inner transformation.


Pneuma Institute - Aline


As a certified Facilitator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork, Aline continues to deepen her Pneuma studies with specialization courses with Juan Ruíz Naupari in India, Spain, Peru, USA, etc. She has been a Facilitator since 2014 teaching classes in Canada and Mexico. Aline studied at the National Conservatory of Music, at the Cantorum, and in Fine Arts. Painter and muralist by profession, trained at the Academy of San Carlos in CDMX, with diplomas in Renaissance painting, ancient techniques, engraving, etc. Aline delves into iconology, sacred symbols, myths, and iconography, finding a new language of artistic expression, enriching her artistic and spiritual path.

Pneuma Institute - Ana Rocio

ANA ROCIO MIRAMONTES, Family therapist

Ana Rocío studied Pedagogy and was trained in Family Therapy. Her interest in self-knowledge led her to become a Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork facilitator. She delved into the Pneuma studies and expanded her knowledge and experience through several courses such as The Cosmic Christ (Ajijic, México), Essential Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita (Bali, Indonesia), Sacred Sexuality (Khajuraho, India), Initiation in the Andes (Peru), The Myth of Osiris (Egypt), and Parsifal Unveiled (Shasta, California). Ana Rocío has broad experience as a practitioner of yoga and meditation following the methodology of Pneuma.

Pneuma Institute - Belen Couoh


Belén graduated in Architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana, Tijuana campus, in 2007. She also completed postgraduate studies in Urban Development at the same university. She is presently the manager at IMPLAN, an institution in charge of territorial design in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Her interest in yoga, dreams, mantras, the effects of prayer and breathwork, the yearning to know more about the teachings left by ancient traditions, and inquisitiveness regarding the spiritual and Divine aspects of the human being, all led her to begin her studies with Pneuma Institute in 2006. She has continued with her Pneuma teachings and practices ever since and began Pneuma Transpersonal Training to become a Certified Facilitator.

Pneuma Institute - Belen Meneses

BELÉN MENESES, Psychologist

Belen holds a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University del Valle de México. She is a graduate in Pedagogy from the Autonomous University of Queréataro (UAQ) and has developed her practice and studies within the sphere of human development from an integral vision of the inner work. She is certified in Humanology, in Neuro-Linguistics, and also holds a certificate in Bioenergetics. She currently focuses her clinical practice on working with both adolescents and adults, striving to conserve the integrity of the treatment by adopting a psycho-spiritual approach (Transpersonal Psychology). Since 2009 she has imparted Pneuma Training modules and Pneuma Breathwork

Pneuma Institute - Claudia

CLAUDIA HERRERA, Administrative Assistant

Claudia has worked as an Administrative Assistant for ten years in different companies in the industrial sector and as an Assistant at the Mexican Institute for Health Services. There was a very important turning point in her life when she learned about amplified states of Consciousness. She then started delving into the path of self-knowledge and spirituality. Her yearning to help others to know and experience their spiritual dimension led her to become a facilitator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork. Claudia also holds a Diploma in Alternative Therapies and another one in Bach Flower Therapy. She is also a therapist in Solar Magnetism.

Pneuma Institute - David

DAVID LOPÉZ, Electronic Engineer and School Teacher

A graduate of Electronic Engineering (UABC, Tijuana Campus, 2007), he was invited to teach at a high school where he discovered his vocation as a teacher. He completed his Master’s Degree in Education (UNID, 2012) and is currently continuing his English language teaching practice at the High School level. Likewise, his interest and his search for wisdom and art led him to know Pneuma Institute where he has received very valuable tools such as Pneuma Breathwork that have allowed him to start a path of transformation, bringing enormous benefits and peace to his life. He’s been a Pneuma Institute Facilitator since 2020.

Pneuma Institute - Esperanza


Esperanza graduated in Psychology at ITESO and holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Guadalajara’s Universidad Antropológica. She also holds a Diploma in Thinking Abilities from ITESO and a Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming from the Mexican Centre of NLP.  Esperanza is a certified advanced practitioner in neurolinguistic programming and health at the Mexican Centre of NLP and at the NLP World Health Community. She also holds a Diploma in Thanatology. She developed her career as a Psychologist specializing in learning difficulties and counseling from 1994 and 1997 and as a teaching counselor in programs for human development from 2000 to 2020. Esperanza is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and a Facilitator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training.

Pneuma Institute - Esperanza Beltran

ESPERANZA BELTRAN DEL RIO, Visual Artist and Painter

Esperanza is an artist from Chihuahua. She has been an artist since she was 9. She works as an Agronomist but considers herself an artist at heart. She graduated in Visual Arts in 2003 and in the same year she began integrating the teachings of Pneuma. She started expressing them as she gradually understood the mysteries of Spirit. Esperanza is a PTT facilitator and a member of Solar Art Exhibition, where she shares her paintings and sculptures. She collaborates in art exhibitions and explains inner work and self-knowledge through the expression of art, one of the foundations of the human being which provides an opportunity to transcend to the plane of the Divine.

Pneuma Institute - Grace Romo

GRACE ROMO INZUNZA, Master of Business Administration

Grace specializes in detecting human needs within the broad spectrum of service and effective human connection. She has accompanied various people in the communication and leadership process through self-knowledge and recognition of personal tools. Certified as a Facilitator of high-performance groups. Teacher in Upper, Middle, and Postgraduate degrees. She is currently pursuing the International Certification in Transpersonal Psychology at Pneuma Institute. She began her preparations in 2014. She loves dance, theater, and life. In every process she goes through, she wants to express her genuine interest in helping others.

Pneuma Institute - Flavio Santoyo

FLAVIO SANTOYO, Electrical and Systems Engineer

Flavio works for a supply chain group in HP Inc. as a Business Planning Lead, with experience in several areas of vendor development, project management, production control, and operations. Aside from his professional job and academic studies (Systems and Electrical Engineering ITESO 1985-1990, MBA ITESM 1994-1996), his interest in psychotherapy and the discovery of Jungian psychology set him on a path of self-knowledge that drove his interests in psychotherapy, spirituality, and comparative religion. For him Pneuma Transpersonal Training became an invaluable asset of transpersonal psychology, understanding our nature and studying the spectrum of consciousness applied to our relationships throughout our life.

Pneuma Institute - Julieta

JULIETA HERNANDEZ, Physician and Mathematician

Graduated from the Superior School of Physics and Mathematics from the National Poli-Technical Institute. An entrepreneur for over 35 years. She has been a student and collaborator within the Pneuma Transpersonal Training since 2004. During this time she has expanded her entrepreneurial program based on the investigation and application of the psychological and philosophical techniques of Pneuma to redirect companies that have fallen into periods of depression and crisis, achieving effective and verifiable results. She is interested in sharing her own experience applying Pneuma didactics (offered by Pneuma Institute) to develop efficient channels of improvement in any company.

Pneuma Institute - Manuel


Manuel Román graduated in Psychology from Queretaro Autónoma University. He started his Pneuma Studies in September 1984. The following year he completed the Pneuma Transpersonal Training course for Certified Facilitators. He carried out his first duties as a Facilitator in 1986. He moved to Guadalajara in 1990, where he has continued working as a Facilitator until now. He was also a PTT facilitator in Vallarta between 2004 and 2007. He collaborated with Pneuma Institute in the Gaden Shartse Tibetan monks’ international tour between 1996 and 2003. Manuel conducts the radio program called Sanando tu Alma (healing your soul) for the dissemination of Pneuma Studies.

Pneuma Institute - Miguel Garcia

MIGUEL GARCÍA BERNABE, Industrial Engineer

Miguel studied a Degree in Industrial Engineering, which he completed in 1991. In this same year he learned about spiritual studies and took courses in music therapy, and angelology. He completed mastery in Usui Reiki and he also studied Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, mysticism and Gnosis.  He has collaborated for 15 years in the Gaden Shartse Tibetan monks’ international tours, organized by Pneuma Institute.

He has studied Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork with Stanislav Grof, the psychology of the future, spiritual emergencies, and the healing potential of amplified states of Consciousness. Miguel is a Solar Magnetism Facilitator and has also been a Facilitator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork for 25 years.

Pneuma Institute - Noe


Noé is a Medical Doctor specializing in Family Medicine. He holds a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Zacatecas University, where he obtained honors in his specialization and was given the highest academic award (Summa Cum Laude) by the Aguascalientes Autónoma University. He has worked as a public physician at the Mexican Institute for National Health for over 16 years. Noé has integrated the spiritual dimension and family medicine in his private practice, focusing on transpersonal antenatal care. He has been a Pneuma Transpersonal Training facilitator for over 14 years.

Pneuma Institute - Procoro

PRÓCORO HERNÁNDEZ OROPEZA, Journalist and Research Professor

Prócoro holds a Degree in Journalism and Collective Communication and a Master’s degree in Visual Arts with a focus on Communication and Graphic Design from the UNAM University. He worked as a research professor at Sinaloa Autónoma University between 1975 and 1988. Prócoro worked as the general director of the Tribuna newspaper of Bahía, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco from 1989 to 2007. He started his studies at Pneuma Institute in 2003 for his own personal development. He has been a Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator since 2013 and has guided groups in their experiences, personal growth and evolution ever since. Prócoro is an instructor of Tai Chi-Chi Gong,  Kundalini Yoga, and Sivananda Yoga.

Pneuma Institute - Raquel

RAQUEL COLÍN, Neural Therapist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Raquel holds a Degree in Administration and Marketing Techniques from ITESO. She studied Gestalt Psychotherapy at UPAD and specialized in dreamwork in 2008. She has done Floral T since 2005. She is a Neural Therapist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist. She has developed and led workshops at Acortar Distancias, a social charity from 2007 to 2011. Raquel provided psychological support to women in Acortar Distancias between 2007 and 2011 and has offered workshops on human development, organized by the government, in Jalisco state. She has worked as a psychologist at her private practice since 2006 and has been a Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator since January 2019.

Pneuma Institute - Rene de la O

RENÉ DE LA Ó, Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist with certification in General Hospital Psychiatry and Addictions. He has maintained a private clinical practice in which he has been able to integrate the spiritual dimension in treating his patients. He is an investigator of the process by which one transcends psychopathology within the context of self-realization as proposed by transpersonal psychology. He is an enthusiastic promoter of the integration of ancient medical wisdom with modern ethical practices related to the care of one’s health, particularly with regard to emotional health. In 2014 he joined the team of Pneuma Transpersonal Therapists, offering sessions of Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork.

SHAMTI RUIZ, Dancer and Researcher (Staff Member)

Pneuma Institute - Uwe

UWE GARZA, Psychologist

Pneuma System Certified Facilitator and Psychologist. He has certifications in the fields of Neurolinguistics, Massage therapy, Bioenergetics and Pedagogy. He has a certification from the M.I.T. Transformative Leadership by The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics, University of Massachusetts. He actively participates in the delivery of the workshops that make up Pneuma Transpersonal Training, and offers private sessions of Pneuma Counseling. He teaches breathing sessions that lead to the expansion of consciousness and self-knowledge through the Pneuma Breathwork technique.


Pneuma Institute - Alex


Composer, musician, and singer. Certified in Pneuma Transpersonal Training. In his path of spiritual progression, he learned Shamanic Dance techniques and transpersonal teachings from the Hopi culture. He created and teaches the Circulo de Canto Pneuma (Pneuma Chanting Circle), and he is an active member of the Solar Art Festival, a shared space for artists who receive inspiration from the connection with their own Deep Inner Being. As a Facilitator, he shares Pneuma teachings that integrate the use of direct and effective spiritual synergies, restore a deep brotherhood, respect for life, and understanding of inner work.

Pneuma Institute - Margarida


Her spiritual aspirations led her to change her career as an Architect to dedicate herself to research in human development. She studied Anatomy and Physiology, Dreamwork, and Kinesiology. She facilitated Aura Reading, Reiki, and individual counseling from 2004 to 2011. In 2006 she began her studies at Pneuma, which she recognizes as a complete spiritual path where she can deepen self-knowledge and inner development. She has been a Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator since 2008 and Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology Facilitator since 2012. In 2014 she completed a Graduate degree as a Family Mediator in order to work with couples and families. She currently offers Couples Mentoring based on Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology.

Pneuma Institute - Rosa

ROSA PINTO, Entrepreneur

Certified Facilitator in Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Counseling. Health and Well-being Entrepreneur.

She studied Reiki, Quantum Healing, Aura-Soma, Shamanism, Sound Massage, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, among other disciplines of personal and holistic development. In 2007, she encountered Pneuma, the most complete system she has ever known, which resulted in a deep commitment to the Inner Process.
Today, she deepens and shares in the knowledge and experiences of Pneuma, a precious “tool” of a Path to be walked in Love, and with the certainty that Love is, and always will be our Essence, the highest Virtue that emanates from the Heart of God.

United States

Pneuma Institute - Avasa

AVASA LOVE, Musician and Wellness Entrepreneur

Avasa Love has spent her life studying and teaching music, dance, yoga, natural healing, and philosophy. With her husband Matthew, they have released two music albums entitled “Love is King, Love is Queen” and “The Road”. She is co-founder and CEO of Harmonious Essentials Inc, international business mentorship empowering wisdom-centered entrepreneurs, and the distribution of natural medicine. Avasa has studied under Juan Ruiz Naupari within Pneuma Institute International since 2010.

Pneuma Institute - Beth

BETH WADMAN, Psychiatrist

Beth did her Family Medicine training at the University of Maryland. She was a spiritual seeker and began traveling to sacred places on the planet. In Pneuma Studies she finally found what she had been searching for: a psycho-spiritual system that incorporates ancient spiritual traditions with the new technology of Pneuma Breathwork with the intention of Self-Realization. Beth currently is a traveling psychiatrist going temporarily to clinics for the seriously mentally ill in California, Arizona and Oregon with Mount Shasta as her home base.  Beth is now a certified Pneuma Breathwork facilitator and is in the Pneuma Transpersonal Training to become a Pneuma Analyst.

Pneuma Institute - Caroline


Caroline Horton has a Bachelors degree in French and English literature from the University of North London. Certified in Shiatsu massage at the Santa Monica Massage School and in Visionary Cranio Sacral Therapy. She studied Herbology at the Flynns School of Herbology. She has been a Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology Facilitator since 2020 and as a result of these studies, with her background in writing, she has developed a creative writing course based on a personal exploration through myth and transpersonal self-analysis with an emphasis on how etymology affects our modern-day comprehension of spirituality. Caroline assists individuals on their path of self-knowledge and self-healing.

Pneuma Institute - Cheserae

CHESERAE SCALA, Wellness Coach

Chesera Scala has spent the last 25 years working as a holistic esthetician helping women to find their inner beauty. She is also trained as an Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach and facilitates workshops and retreats where she educates about healthy lifestyles and natural beauty practices. In the last several years she has also been working as an end-of-life doula supporting families and individuals to make the dying process more peaceful, sacred, and natural. She is the co-founder of the Alquimia Wellness Center in Ojai, CA, and also the co-founder of the Essential Medicina healthy lifestyle brand. She has been a student of Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology since 2008.

Pneuma Institute - Eric

ERIC BAUMGARTNER, Doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Eric has spent the last 25 years in the study and practice of medicine traditions from around the world. He holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College, as well as a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a Family Medicine specialization from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine including subspecialties in Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Neurology, and Orthopedics. He practices functional medicine, acupuncture, herbalism, and nutrition in Ojai at Alquimia Wellness Center which he co-founded with his wife.  He is also co-founder of Essential Medicina, an herbal lifestyle company focused on local and global botanical medicines.  Eric has been an avid student and English/Spanish translator of Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology since 2008.

Pneuma Institute - Jaime Flores

JAIME FLORES, Programmer

Jaime Flores was first introduced to meditative practices and Eastern Spirituality while studying Graphic Design and Communication at the Universidad de San Francisco in his hometown of Quito, Ecuador. His interest in philosophy, contemplative studies, and music drew him to Pneuma Transpersonal Training in 2012. He became a Pneuma Breathwork and Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator in 2020.

Pneuma Institute - Kotryna

KOTRYNA URBYTÈ, Head of Department

Kotryna Urbytė has worked over the past ten years in the logistics industry as the head of the Safety and Recruiting Department of a trucking company. Studied Political Science as the field of studies back in 2008.  In 2011, she was introduced to Pneuma Studies and has been a student ever since. With Pneuma Institute Kotryna felt she found the system that she was looking for and immersed herself in deep inner exploration. In 2020, after almost a decade of profound psychological and spiritual studies, she started facilitating Pneuma Institute Workshops and helping others discover the practical way to inner development and self realization.

Pneuma Institute - Linas


Graduate in B.A. from the Kaunas University of Technology, Linas worked as a Manager from 1998-2009 and as the head of a logistics company since 2009.

As part of inner exploration and journey, he traveled through sacred sites exploring ancient and spiritual cultures of Peru, Mexico, Egypt, India…and has always worked towards the integration of spirituality in business and in everyday life. He participated in Grof Transpersonal Training and in Pneuma Studies since 2008.  He became a Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator and has been helping others to explore inner spaces and leading groups online and in-person in the USA and Europe.

Pneuma Institute - Lucy

LUCY PACHECO, Bachelor of International and Intercultural Studies

Lucy Pacheco has always been drawn to the different cultures, religions and wisdom traditions of the planet. After receiving a BA in International and Intercultural Studies, she taught English to youth and adults in Central and South America as a way to connect with different communities.  Hatha Yoga Teacher Training inspired a deeper investigation into psychology, culture and spirituality which led her to begin studying Pneuma Transpersonal Training in 2012.  She became a Pneuma Breathwork and Pneuma Transpersonal Training Facilitator in 2020.

Pneuma Institute - Matthew


Matthew Love enjoys studying, writing, and sharing music. With his wife Avasa, they have released two music albums entitled “Love is King, Love is Queen” and “The Road”. He has a background in carpentry and a deep connection with nature. He practices yoga, meditation, natural healing, and is a student of philosophy. He is co-founder and secretary of Harmonious Essentials Inc, international business mentorship empowering wisdom-centered entrepreneurs, and the distribution of natural medicine. Matthew has studied under Juan Ruiz Naupari within Pneuma Institute International since 2010.

Pneuma Institute - Vile

VILE STATKUS, Restaurateur and Businesswoman

Vilė Statkus – a successful restaurateur and businesswoman – dedicated many years working in the restaurant industry. While being a team leader requires being very grounded and rooted in the material reality, Vilė could never suppress the inner call. Therefore she searched for self-realization. She started her exploration of the various schools of wisdom in 1995 when she was introduced to the Academy of Parapsychology, then continued with the exploration of the Holotropic Breathwork movement in 2005. All of that eventually led her to discover and get acquainted with the fundamentals of the Pneuma Institute. Starting in 2008 Vilė immersed herself in the activities of the Pneuma Institute and found a profound connection with the teachings. It is with this encounter that her deeper inner study began and now continues in a form of a facilitator.


Pneuma Institute - Elena

ELENA NUIKINA, Psychologist, PhD.

Elena is the coordinator of Pneuma Institute in Russia. She graduated in Political Science from the State University of Urals in Russia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Global Economics and Politics from Kassel University in Germany and a Doctorate in Social Geography and Anthropology from Vienna University. She has worked on two research projects in Finland and Austria and has coordinated scientific projects in northern Russia. She has also participated in various lectures in several places around the globe. Elena is a certified facilitator of transpersonal psychology and Pneuma Breathwork.


MAITE PARDO SOL, Psicotherapyst (Staff Member)

MIGUEL MORATE, Psychologyst (Staff Member)



Pneuma Institute - Puscas


 After studying Economic Sciences, Puscas discovered his vocation in Psychology, attending several universities and postgraduate courses. Now holding a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, he is a Psychotherapist specializing in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Puscas is also certified in the Prananadi Healing Energy Therapy and Prananadi Regression Technique. In 2016, Puscas became a Certified Facilitator in Pneuma Breathwork and Transpersonal Analysis. His psychotherapeutic practice has an integrative humanistic approach based on the “here and now”, on the idea of the unity of the soul-mind-body system and on seeing the person as an immortal individual who has passed through to the problems and the asperities of life.

Pneuma Institute - Raluca

RALUCA ROTARU, Psychologist

Raluca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the West University of Timișoara (2013) and also completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counselling (2015). She is a Clinical Psychologist (2014) certified by the College of Psychologists from Romania, and a Psychotherapist (2016), receiving her Degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy as a Facilitator in Pneuma Breathwork and Transpersonal Analysis. She has previous experience in working with adults with intellectual disabilities. In 2017 she established a private practice which she still continues from a psycho-spiritual perspective.

Pneuma Institute - Eugenia

EUGENIA TIGAN, Psychologist

Eugenia Țigan is a Ph.D. Associate Professor, a Psychologist and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. She is certified by Pneuma Transpersonal Training in Pneuma Breathwork, and certified by the European Transpersonal Psychology Association in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Pneuma Institute - Otilia

OTILIA TUDOREL, Psychologist

Otilia Tudorel has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of the West in Timisoara and a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Occupational Health. She is currently studying Health Psychology at the Doctoral School of Psychology from the same university. Her research interests are behavioral addiction, body image, and eating disorders in children and adults. Since 2016, she has been a certified facilitator in Pneuma Breathwork and Transpersonal Analysis. She is also a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and has worked as a teacher with blind children. Her psycho-therapeutic practice is based on a psycho-spiritual and transpersonal approach.

Pneuma Institute - Florentina


She finished the Faculty of Psychology – Universitatea “Tibiscus”, Timişoara; postgraduate studies specializing in “Family and couple counseling”, training in experiential psychotherapy and unification focused on adult-child-couple-family; internship and training in individual and group experiential counseling; training for trainers. In 2007 she obtained certification to practice in clinical psychology as an independent specialist. For 2 years she was a speech therapist, then for 6 years, she worked as a psychologist. From 2011 she has been a Psychologist at the VivArt Association – Center for Art Therapy and Psychology, Timisoara. The training in Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork has completed her training and psycho-spiritual evolution.

Pneuma Institute - Anghel

ANGHEL TEODORA, Author and Psychologist

Anghel Teodora is lecturing Doctor at the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara; she conducts training and practical work of health psychology, psychology, and behavioral sciences, and nutrition psychology. She also conducts the post-university course of Psychosomatic Medicine. She is a Bowen therapist, accredited by the Bowen Academy in Australia. She is the author of five books. Anghel is a member of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Timisoara branch, and is accredited in Pneuma Breathwork.


In 2012, Andrea began training in Pneuma System Therapy, becoming a facilitator in 2016. This role allowed her to lead groups in experiencing and integrating Amplified States of Consciousness through Pneuma Breathwork across various cities. Born in Târgu Jiu, Gorj, Romania, Andrea graduated from the Government School of Political and Administrative Sciences with a specialization in Sociology in 2007, followed by a Master’s degree in Communication and Public Relations in 2009.

Pneuma Institute - Tania Costea

TANIA COSTEA, Medical Doctor

Tania Costea is a Medical Doctor. She has been certified in Pneuma Breathwork since 2016. She is a Reiki master and has practiced Sahaja yoga meditation for 25 years. She is working with meditation groups, and 3 years ago started working with Pneuma Breathwork. It is the method that she wishes to study in-depth and use for personal development and for her students.


Pneuma Institute - Karina


Karina Minda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counselling. She is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, certified by the College of Psychologists of Romania. In 2012 she started her Psychotherapy training, and through it began an intensive self-exploratory journey. Since 2016 she has been certified in Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork, by Pneuma Institute. Her approach is based on Transpersonal Psychotherapy, and the primary objective of her work is to help people bring more awareness into their lives and to take responsibility for their identities, for their freedom, and for their happiness.