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⭐️ Integrate into your life this new, yet perennial perspective that will transform your vision of couple’s relationships. You have the precious opportunity to dedicate ourselves to self-care and to deepen the millenary teachings of ancient spiritual traditions on SACRED SEXUALITY that are integrated today in Transpersonal Psychology & Pneuma Breathwork Training.

⭐️ During two months you will deepen in the sacred and millenary teachings of ancient spiritual traditions that are integrated today in Pneuma transpersonal psychology, the result of 35 years of research of our director Juan Ruiz Naupari, who today presents us with a new and more complete vision of sexuality.

⭐️ We invite people interested in healthy sexuality, health professionals, psychiatrists, therapists, health professionals, educators, teachers, and students sympathetic to the field of personal development to broaden the therapeutic and educational approach in the performance of their profession and in the development of the universal values of humanity

⭐️ The course will be taught by Juan Ruiz Naupari, Founder and International Director of Pneuma Institute, and creator of Transpersonal Psychology & Pneuma Breathwork Training.


The word Tantra means the continuity between body and mind, between inner and outer reality, between transcendence and immanence.

Nowadays, when we speak of Tantra, it is almost exclusively understood as Sexuality. However, this part of the Tantras was studied only at the end of a long process of initiation and personal work, because sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe, the only one that has the capacity to create life.

We can then understand why sexual energy is such an important force that must be wisely cared for in order to accelerate the psychospiritual process and thus lead a life full of harmony and well-being.


– Transform your vision of relationships.

– Teach you about the care of your own creative or sexual energy on its different levels; physical, energetic and psychological.

– It will help you discover essential truths about sexual energy and how it is a bridge between our soul and spirit.

– You will learn meditative practices that promote awareness of this beautiful energy that dwells within you waiting to be honoured and acknowledged.

🗓 DATES:  November 21st – January 22nd 2023


You will receive by email 4 video deliveries, on the following dates:

November 21st

December 5th

December 19th

January 2nd – 2023

🔶 The videos will be available until January 22th.

🔶 You will have 2 live group tutorials with Pneuma Institute international staff members to ask questions, clarify concepts and practices, and share reflections.

🔶 You will be able to have an individual consultation session with one of the international staff members for more personal questions.

🔶 The COURSE INCLUDES two sessions of PNEUMA BREATHWORK; a revolutionary and safe technique for accessing amplified states of consciousness, experiencing its healing potential and learning directly from one’s own inner wisdom.2 Pneuma Breathwork Sessions to be held at Pneuma Institute of your choice. (The participation in the two Pneuma Breathwork sessions is not included in the course fee.)

🔶 LANGUAGES: SpanishEnglishRomanian.


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