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Our mission is to provide a multidisciplinary, academic, artistic and spiritual education that cultivates a transcendental type of consciousness to create a new Culture of Peace. We aim to help humanity to appreciate life as a precious opportunity to achieve self realization.


Our vision is to create a positive impact in the world by contributing with a complete educational system for self knowledge born from the synthesis of ancient traditions designed to foster self-realization.


We respect all religions and spiritual traditions. We value inner wisdom and superior emotion which enables us to walk towards a future of coexistence, decency, freedom, compassion and brotherhood with others and with nature.

Juan Ruiz Naupari with Students


In ancient Greek, Pneuma means spirit or breath of life. Within the word Pneuma the philosophy of all times is synthesized. It is the origin and goal of inner psychological and spiritual education that leads individuals and communities to absolute happiness.

We offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary education for the cultivation of awareness and inner knowledge through our academic, artistic and spiritual programs.

TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PNEUMA BREATHWORK TRAINING, is the certification program that we offer as our own degree, in two modalities, face-to-face and online.

PNEUMA DANCE is a training program that recovers the knowledge and methodology of the sacred dances of the world.


Pneuma offers over 30 years of experience in human development with a team of professionals in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, philosophy, education, fine arts, sciences, and spirituality. Its focus is on the experience of the transpersonal and the development of human potential.

We invite you to be a part of this project, to participate in our educational community and projects of solidarity, and to be inspired by this model of personal and global transformation.

Pneuma Institute - About Us
Pneuma Institute - Breathwork


Pneuma has collaboration agreements with the Gaden Shartshe Monastic University in India, with the Romanian Association of Psychologists, and with Spiru Haret University in Romania. Pneuma Institute is a member of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA), the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).

Pneuma offers: Pneuma Breathwork, Pneuma Transpersonal Training, Yearly retreats to Pneuma Retreat Center in Mount Shasta, online courses, youth camps, educational journeys to sacred sites throughout the world, courses on the study of the ancient spiritual traditions and Solar Art workshops & festivals.


In addition to its international headquarters in Mount Shasta, Pneuma Institute has offices in: Spain (Madrid and Murcia), USA (Los Angeles, New York), Canada (Vancouver, Montreal), Mexico (Mexico City, Queretaro, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Tijuana), Portugal (Lisbon), Italy (Tuenno, Rome), Peru (Cusco), Australia (Byron Bay) and collaborating centres in Romania (Bucharest and Timisoara), Germany (Freiburg), Russia (Moscow), Moldova (Chisinau), India (Mundgod), where transpersonal training programs and solidarity projects are developed.

Pneuma Institute - Italy Group
Pneuma Institute - Spiritual Journey


Pneuma Retreat Centre is located on the Pneuma Institute’s campus in Mount Shasta California in the US.
Here a great variety of multidisciplinary programs are hosted or organized throughout the year, and both academic and intercultural meetings are celebrated.
The mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests surrounding these facilities provide a unique space in which to immerse oneself in meditation, inner work and transpersonal experiences.

Juan Ruiz Naupari - Founder, Pneuma Institute with Dalai Lama


The Foundation’s mission is to develop peace, coexistence, freedom and compassion through solidarity projects.
All donations help build educational programs, give conferences, provide academic bursaries and scholarships, improve facilities and support ancient spiritual traditions. Our projects include: Pneuma Retreat Center, Buddha Maitreya Hall, Buddha Maitreya Project, Tibetan Medicine, World Tour for Inner Peace, Sponsor a Child, Tsonghkapa 2019, Inkarri Project, Day of Inner Peace, Solar Art.

Pneuma Institute Breathwork


Pneuma Breathwork is a revolutionary, deep and easy practice that gives natural access to extraordinary or transpersonal states of consciousness. These states allow for the exploration of the more subtle and refined inner dimensions of the psyche.
The objective of Pneuma Breathwork is to open our perception to the deeper unknown contents of our psyche in order to make contact with our spiritual essence, with inner peace, and to gradually heal our lives.

Juan Ruiz Naupari - Founder, Pneuma Institute


As the founder and director of Pneuma Institute and Pneuma Foundation Juan Ruiz Naupari has spent more than 30 years investigating Amplified States of Consciousness and their therapeutic and spiritual application in personal growth.
Juan Ruiz Naupari, the creator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training gives courses and lectures internationally, a work inspired by the archetype of the Golden Eagle.
His research is applied to the field of psychotherapy, with a focus in the psychological and spiritual progression of the human being.