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Eurotas22 Gathering

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PNEUMA INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL through TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY & PNEUMA BREATHWORK TRAINING, is very honored with its participation in the “22nd EUROTAS Gathering”. Schedule’s details here.





Maite Pardo Sol

…Singing, dancing, prayer, meditation, joy, silence… They are the simple elements with which we propose a path towards encounter and connection, an opportunity to enter into deep meditation with the sacred words and movements of the most diverse spiritual traditions: Sufism, Judaism, Christianity, shamanism, Hinduism… With Pneuma Dances we discover the Place where we are One, beyond rites and words, beyond borders, One in the fullness of Harmony and Beauty.
“Every moment rushes at us from everywhere the call of love Do you want to come with us? This is not the time to stay home but to go out and surrender to the garden… Come, I will tell you in secret Where does this dance lead.” Rumi



Shamti Ruiz Velásquez

PNEUMA DANCE through its transpersonal vision is unique on the planet and has been designed for women and men who want to discover the sacred dimension of dance.
PNEUMA DANCE we rescue sacred dances, their freshness and their high potential for transformation for the human being through movement, prayer, beauty and joy.
This masterclass will take you to experience beauty and subtlety through the classical dance of India Bharatanatyam.
We will study the philosophy and techniques that protect this ancient dance. Shamti Ruiz, her founder, wants to share her 25 years of study and teaching of the spiritual message of dance that she has acquired in countries of Europe, USA, India and Egypt.



Cinzia Lemmo

Pneuma Breathwork is a deep, profound and easy practice that allows us to access extraordinary or transpersonal states of consciousness in a natural way. It is based on a principle that has been affirmed by various traditions: God is present in the air and is therefore breathable.
This revolutionary practice gives us an altogether different vision: it amplifies our consciousness in order to experience unity, the Spirit within us and to receive its real light. In this way we can learn directly from Spirit and free our soul from any conflictive process that it might be experiment by exploring the deeper layers of our psyche.
Juan Ruiz Naupari defines Pneuma Breathwork as: It is a contemporary, revolutionized type of Pranayama that awakens and develops inside of you sublime experiences of Love, Light, Comprehension, Healing and inner Transformation.



Alessandra Brunelli

Meditation seems such a natural and simple activity to carry out but when you start the practice, you can feel that this is actually not the case.
Meditation is a profound personal encounter with our innermost, with our soul, and allows the intellectual information that is received to be converted into a higher emotion that nourishes and allows the conscience to flourish.
The objective of this workshop consists in deepening the goals and the objectives of meditation using the practice of “Blue Time” which associates the different colors and their frequencies with the different apparatus and functional systems of the body, recognizing in each cell and atom of our physical “Temple”, a physiological vibrational frequency of healing.




Maite pardo Sol

The crisis at all levels of society generates a sense of urgency towards change and healing. But this urgency can lead to an attitude of flight without direction or clear purpose. Can the transpersonal paradigm offer a conscious way out of the current labyrinth?
The ancient traditions have left the map with clear and precise indications, with the steps and the necessary tools to get out of the wheel of samsara, the wheel of repetitions and suffering. It is urgent to recover eternal, ancestral and, at the same time, fully current knowledge to offer real and possible alternatives to today’s men and women. Bringing together the processes and practices of the various traditions, we obtain a complete map, with three fundamental stages that can transform each human being (if he follows them) and completely revolutionize his existence.
Similarly, the various traditions left descriptions and examples of human beings free of conditioning, fear, confusion, which point the path forward.
In this conference I will present the synthesis that Pneuma transpersonal psychology has carried out, with 3 key stages and their basic practices and what is the archetypal model of the transpersonal or conscious human being, to offer a concrete and structured option that can be applied both to psychotherapy as well as individual development.


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