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Pneuma Transpersonal Training

Paradigm of Self-knowledge & Pneuma Breathwork

Pneuma Institute Paradigm of Self-Knowledge

New module starting soon:
‘Paradigm of Self-knowledge & Pneuma Breathwork’!

A 3-month online course with Juan Ruiz Naupari to explore the marvellous potential of the consciousness in the human being. (September 19th to December 18th)

“Each one of us has a Divine principle in his heart. When we experience beauty, Love or light, it is because our Inner Being is starting to flood us with Love, as its compassionate look has the power to intensify our Love as essence. The purpose of Pneuma Breathwork is to acknowledge our Inner Being inside of us, as it is there where sublime states of ecstasy are generated and they allow us to really change”.
~ Juan Ruiz Naupari

In this course you will be able to access:

– 4 Blocks of pre-recorded videos (in Spanish and English)
– 2 Practices for self-knowledge, meditation and attention
– 2 Group Live Sessions of questions and answers with certified facilitators (Sundays)
– 1 Private Session with a certified facilitator.

All live sessions will be done through Zoom.

Whatsapp | Telegram: +52 333 386 72 00