University of Oxford, UK

Join us for Pneuma Breathwork

Pneuma Breathwork is a re-evolutionized Pranayama that has the potential to connect us with the numinous, with the real spark that lives within every human being

When someone undergoes a transpersonal experience, there is an activation of the body’s hormonal axis, which prompts an adjustment of neuropsychoendocrine functions. An activation of his body’s hormonal axis leading to an adjustment of neuropsychoendocrine functions. The result is a general state of physical well-being and a strengthening of the immune system.

Changes can also be observed at a psychological level with the potential of healing old traumas, forms of depression, anxiety disorders, and stress syndromes through the connection with the deepest part of our inner being. The intention of inhaling and exhaling light must therefore be spiritual. Such awareness has the capacity to resolve the various psychophysical pathologies that afflict human beings, opening doors that lead to another reality.

The special characteristics of this innovative practice, which define its intrinsic potential, can be summarized in subtle catharsis, the transformation of consciousness, and the understanding of the multidimensional nature of the human being.


The catharsis that occurs during the experience contains a particular aspect: any inquiry we make within ourselves related to the memory of trauma must be carried out from a space of love and light, as it is the only way to eradicate it without re-traumatizing the person. Change and transformation are other distinctive elements of the practice that are expressed by manifesting the virtue trapped in the consequences of trauma. It is crucial not to deny nor manifest the fears that strengthen the trauma and reinvigorate it.

Catharsis of the heart such as acceptance, love, and forgiveness have great transformative power. This breathwork, being a re- evolutionized pranayama, offers a new and updated vision of the power of breathing that is synthesized in the profound sublimation of each participant’s vital energy.

Furthermore, Pneuma Breathwork will allow you to expand your consciousness and experience your multidimensionality.

We hope to see you at the post-conference to experience this unique, innovative, and healing practice.


Pneuma Breathwork: Exploration and Catharsis from the Being

An intensive session of Pneuma Breathwork that leads to a natural process of self-exploration. The intention is for participants to connect with their Being by activating their inner healer and thus experience a transpersonal journey within their soul, in their mental and emotional dimension. From this connection with the Being, participants will experience a new type of catharsis from a higher consciousness and understanding, as opposed to catharsis from the ego that would produce re-traumatization.

Pneuma Breathwork Facilitator: Shamti Ruiz

With a Bachelor’s degree in dance science and a Master’s in Art Didactics, specializing in Transpersonal Psychology and certified in Pneuma Breathwork by the Pneuma Institute. She is an active member and teacher of Transpersonal Dance Therapy at the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA) in Romania. She graduated from the Academy of Bharatanatyam in Bangalore, India, under the tutelage of Guru Gayathri Keshavan. With a distinguished career as a professional dancer, she has participated in dance companies in Spain, Mexico, India, and Egypt.
As a dancer and educator, she offers international programs to foster transpersonal development in youth and adults. Her focus includes the research of psychotherapy through dance and techniques of meditation, breathing, and movement. Currently, she is delving into Transpersonal Dance from a sacred and therapeutic perspective, developing the Pneuma Dance method. She resides in Oxford, where she continues to research and share her knowledge globally.