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Explore your Inner World through Pneuma Breathwork and Experience Real Change

Pneuma Breathwork is a powerful technique for the expansion of Consciousness, self-knowledge, and the progressive analysis of the psyche. The sustained practice of breathing, combined with a specific musical sequence, along with our intention and focused concentration, opens our perception and from there an infinite variety of possible experiences arise.

Transpersonal and/or spiritual experiences, together with the map of consciousness proposed by ancient traditions, make this technique a valuable tool for healing, inner development and the search for the meaning of life itself.

The Experience Of Divinity

“The Pneuma of life is the Spirit, the Breath of life is the Pneuma … Pneuma is “The Breath of the Spirit that gives Life” … is to Inhale the Spirit and be filled with Him, Integrate. . .

Pneuma Breathwork promotes Clarity and Understanding of what is Known but Unknown, of what is apparently known, but not remembered and therefore not known, because, is remembered through experience, to experience is to remember and to remember is to know.”

– Juan Ruiz Naupari from G.E.

Pneuma Institute - Divinity

Benefits Of Pneuma Breathwork

Psychological Benefits

  • It supports the process of comprehensive and interdisciplinary work in the treatment of addictions, fears, phobias, obsessive and compulsive tendencies.
  • It unblocks repressed emotions through understanding and forgiveness without the need for painful catharsis.
  • It leads to the progressive integration of the qualities of consciousness, producing a great momentum in our profound transformation.
  • It allows for the establishment of a permanent centre of consciousness, from where we can review and comprehend all the circumstances of our personal history.

Energetic Benefits

  • It stimulates the energetic centres allowing the free flow of energy.
  • Produces lucidity and vital energy for the whole organism.
  • Recharges the electromagnetic field.

Transpersonal Benefits

  • It activates our transpersonal memory through direct experience with the superior consciousness.
  • It produces states of recognition of Love, Peace and Happiness.
  • Allows for experiences with Archetypes, Myths, and Symbols from the most diverse ancient traditions. This brings about understanding of important processes in our lives, activates Inner Wisdom and the recognition of the meaning of existence and the mission of our lives.
  • It releases psycho-spiritual blockages related to the pre-natal, intrauterine and early childhood stages.

Physical Benefits

  • Purifies and detoxifies vital organs such as the lungs, blood vessels and the blood.
  • Stimulates the strengthening of the nervous system.
  • Promotes cerebral inter-hemispheric balance.
  • Rapidly expands lung capacity.
  • Increases physical endurance.
  • Produces an extensive alpha rhythm pattern in the brain.
  • Helps to control stress.

The Workshop

A Pneuma Breathwork workshop may be either 4 hrs, one full day, or an intensive weekend, depending on whether it is a general session, or if there are specific themes related to self-knowledge, the progressive healing of the psyche (emotional, mental, spiritual aspects, etc), or other specific topics of focus.
Pneuma Institute - Motivation and Preparation

We begin with an introduction which explains the purpose of breathing, along with an overview of Pneuma philosophy and psychology.
We then go through the breathing technique as Pneuma’s essential complement and practice.

Pneuma Institute Breathwork

The practice of breathwork is sustained for two hours in a dynamic way in order to expand awareness and bring about deep introspection.
The breathwork is accompanied by music prepared specifically for the work proposed in each session.

Pneuma Institute Divinity

After the practice, we hold an integration where we metabolize and express the experiences through the drawing of mandalas and sharing amongst the group.
In the days following the workshop, if you feel it is necessary, you can contact the facilitator via email or phone. They will assist you in the integration of the experience whenever you need it.

Pneuma Breathwork Around the World