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Specialization Module in Pneuma Therapy©

Pneuma Therapy: The revolutionary future of breathwork and psycho-spiritual therapy
The new model of psychotherapy called Pneuma Therapy© is based on the cartography of the psycho-spiritual development of the human being and the experiences in expanded states of consciousness through Pneuma Breathwork.

In each intense session, the patient experiences a natural and immediate revelation that allows them to deeply understand their personal situation, identifying the root of their trauma and conflict. This process triggers their innate healing capacity.

This psychotherapy technique has been created by Juan Ruiz Naupari and is the result of forty years of experience and research in the practical application of expanded states of consciousness for mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

• The origin of trauma
• The philosophy of the therapeutic session
• The personal work of the facilitator
• The art of listening to the client
• The structure of a Pneuma Therapy© session
• The integration and healing process
• Six practice sessions one-on-one exchanging the roles of therapist and client
The program will be developed intensively in 32 in-person hours.

Profesor: Juan Ruiz Naupari

July 29th to August 2nd
Riviera Maya, MEXICO.


• This specialization module is aimed at individuals certified in Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork and those who have completed all the mandatory modules of the professional training.
• Minimum group of 22 people.
• Three sets of music specially designed for Pneuma Therapy© sessions will be provided.
• A diploma validating the training in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork endorsed by ETPA European Transpersonal Psychology Association.