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Pneuma BreathworkPneuma Transpersonal Training

The Four Truths Guiding our Path of Transformation & Pneuma Breathwork

Exploration and in-depth study of the four fundamental principles of the Buddha at the Gaden Shartse Monastic University in India with Prof. Juan Ruiz Naupari. These principles are also known as the “Four Noble Truths”

– The Noble Truth of Suffering
– The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering
– The Noble Truth of Cessation of Suffering
– The Noble Truth of the Path Leading to the Cessation of Suffering

An exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the workings of Gaden Shartse Monastery. We are excited to invite you to a unique excursion of study and research in the serene lands of this monastery in India. During this enriching experience, we will have the honor to explore the intricate halls, sanctuaries, and prayer temples of the monastery, delving into its profound doctrines and philosophies.

Additionally, under the guidance of Prof. Juan Ruiz Naupari, we will uncover the four fundamental spiritual principles of Buddhism, deepening our understanding of its teachings and their relevance in our lives.

Keywords that will shape our journey:

• Transpersonal Psychology
• Spiritual Progression
• Meditation
• Cognitive distortions
• Ego
• Mindfulness
• Inner work
• Comparative study of spiritual traditions
• Pneuma Breathwork

This exceptional journey is designed for those seeking a deep and meaningful understanding.
With the guidance of Prof. Juan Ruiz, we will expand our vision by contrasting these teachings with other spiritual traditions.
We will explore the rich tapestry of Buddhist philosophy and its resonance in our modern world, while delving into the paths of transpersonal psychology research.

We will enrich our journey as we delve into the path towards personal fulfillment, unveiling the four truths that illuminate the way to self-realization.

Don´t miss the opportunity to join this unique journey towards knowledge and self-realization.

Join us in this transcendent exploration into the heart of Buddhism and Spiritual Principles from the unique perspective of Pneuma!

Date: January 6th – 14th 2024.
Location: Gaden Shartse Monastery University. Kanara, Karnataka, India.
WhatsApp: + 351 929 053 642

Presenter: Prof. Juan Ruiz Naupari
Juan Ruiz is the founder and director of Pneuma Institute, headquartered in Mount Shasta California, USA, with several branches across the Americas, Europe, and India.
He is the creator of TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PNEUMA BREATHWORK, a fresh and integral perspective on transpersonal psychology. His approach is built upon the study and comparative analysis of the wisdom from ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions worldwide, as well as the expansion of consciousness through the practice of PNEUMA BREATHWORK.

For over 32 years, Juan Ruiz Naupari has supported the Gaden Shartse Monastery through Pneuma Institute´s solidarity program called: BUDDHA MAITREYA PROJECT. This program focuses on supporting the monastery to expand and improve its facilities, dormitories, conference halls, medical clinic, etc., with special attention on the education of its monks, especially the youngest ones.
In 2011, in collaboration with Pneuma Institute, Juan Ruiz sponsored the initiation of Buddha Maitreya, held for the first time in India (at the same monastery and bestowed by H.H. Dalai Lama. In 2019, in India, with the support of H.H. Dalai Lama, Juan Ruiz and Pneuma Institute, supported by the monastery, coordinated the commemoration of the sixth centenary of the Great Lama Tsongkapa´s ascent to Nirvana, the creator of the Gelugpa lineage.


January 6th – Arrival, Registration and class with prof. Juan R.
January 7th – Classes with prof. Juan R. and practices with Shamti
January 8th – Pneuma Breathwork with Elena and practices with Shamti
January 9th – Classes with Prof. Juan R. and practices with Shamti
January 10th – Pneuma Breathwork with Elena and practices with Shamti
January 11th – Practices with Shamti and Monastery and Temples visit
January 12th – Classes with Prof. Juan R. and practices with Shamti
January 13th – Pneuma Breathwork with Elena and practices with Shamti
January 14th – Practices with Shamti, course Integration and Purification Puja with tantric deity Vajravidaran. END of course.

Price per person in a double room 2,300 euros until October 30th.
2,500 euros from November 1st.
There will be no availability for single or triple rooms.

1. Accommodation in the Monastery´s Guest House with three meals, nine nights, 10 days.
Check-in on January 6th – Check out on January 15th.
Please note the accommodation conditions in the monastery are basic.
2. Course with Prof. Juan Ruiz Naupari.
3. Yoga and mantras with Shamti Ruiz.
4. Three sessions of Pneuma Breathwork with Elena Nuikina
5. Group Purification Puja with the tantric deity “Vajravidaran”.
6. Monastery and temples visit.
7. Transfer Hubli (airport) – Monastey – Hubli (airport).

Course available in: Spanish, English, and Russian.

Not included: International and domestic airfare, visas, PAP permit for entry into restricted are, medical insurance, tips, and additional offerings.


Protective Area Permit (PAP): in the following link, you will need to obtain the permit to enter the monastery located in a Tibetan refugee camp. You should apply for the PAP at least two months in advance. We recommend applying for the PAP in the month of October.

Online Visa for India. You can apply for the visa using the following link: We recommend applying for the visa as soon as possible.

Information and registration:
Margarida Castro
WhatsApp and Telegram +351929053642