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Pneuma BreathworkPneuma Transpersonal Training


Practical guide for psychospiritual progression.

“Thus, virtue is perpetually ever so eble, while the power of vice is great and extremely dreadful. If there were no Spirit of Perfect Awakening, what other virtue would overcome it?” Shantideva

This course is based on the work “The Way of the Bodhisattva” by the teacher Shantideva, who lived at the prestigious University of Nalanda in India between the years 685 and 763 of our era.

This text, in addition to exhorting the practice of the six perfections of the bodhisattva path, such as generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, meditation, and wisdom, addresses the topic of confession, among others, which inspire us to consider this life as a real opportunity for awakening consciousness.

Naturally, humans aspire to understand their mental processes in order to master them. At times, the challenges of human life become mental and emotional problems that seem impossible to solve. Faced with all of this, the question we have always asked ourselves is: how can we change our lives? And when we don’t find the answers, we become disappointed and surrender to a life of suffering. In the face of such determination, our perspective on the world becomes melancholic.

Through the innovative vision of PNEUMA PSYCHOLOGY, you will be able to see all the erroneous mental factors that have created an inner state influenced by these negative mental patterns. With the deconstruction techniques, you will learn to see the ego in real time, acting as the source of conflict, or as the pernicious “artificial intelligence” created by the ego. In unison, you will experience the blossoming of new ethics and new values.

Our purpose in this course is to regain the perception of your existence as a precious opportunity to change, enjoy, and share.

In this course, through the practice of PNEUMA BREATHWORK, you will not only intuit but also experience the beauty of your soul and the mental factors that cloud it. From the perspective and certainty of possessing a spiritual nature, and using the keys of Pneuma psychology, you will gain tools to progressively deactivate the obstacles that condition your mind.

• The seed of psychospiritual progression
• The true nature of the mind
• Types of mind
• Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Subconsciousness, and Infraconsciousness
• Vigilant introspection
• Architecture and analysis of the 7 cognitive distortions
• Admitting and rectifying errors
• The perfection of patience
• Analytical meditation
• The benefits of ethical conduct
• The beauty of the soul.

November 11th to 19th.

Pneuma Institute, Mount Shasta, California, USA.


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