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Pneuma Transpersonal Training - Vitruvian Man


Professional Training or Personal Development

We offer a process of professional Transpersonal Training for those who wish to incorporate Pneuma Breathwork and Amplified States of Consciousness in their psychotherapeutic practice and to know the frame of reference and structure offered by transpersonal psychology for individual and group sessions.

Aimed especially at psychologists, psycho-pedagogues, psychiatrists, doctors, health and education professionals and related professions. The training is designed as a solid program that encompasses both conceptual and practical aspects, along with the direct experience of ASC or Amplified States of Consciousness, also known as Transpersonal Experiences. It also constitutes a deep and practical training for people who wish to deepen their own psychological process of balance and integral spiritual well-being.

Discover the seven modules that include both the theoretical and practical aspects of Pneuma Breathwork, meditation, transpersonal analysis, relaxation, balance, how to utilize energy, and additional transpersonal and spiritual practices of self-knowledge and the healing of the soul. The modules can be taken in the order that is of interest to you. If you wish to complete the professional training, please refer to the section on Other Requirements.

Transcendence of the Mind

Inner Knowledge


This module is about analysis and investigation of human nature that includes the study of the values of consciousness and the transcendence of the ego. It integrates the map of the personal process that ancient traditions have put forward and the tools that they have proposed in order to impel the human being towards an objective beyond the healing of physical or psychological symptoms: self-realization. This first module provides insight into personal, mental and emotional processes, and offers techniques that make it possible to transcend suffering in order to reach the core of peace and harmony that constitutes the true nature of the human being, the first step to reach Integral Welfare or Awakening.


  • The Travel of the Soul
  • The Awakening of Consciousness
  • Architecture of the Psyche I


  • Definition of “Transpersonal”: Schools and Investigators
  • The Inner Process: From Healing to Enlightenment
  • Amplified States of Consciousness and Universal Mysticism
  • Subtle Anatomy of the Human Being and the Psyche I
  • Energetic and Psychological Balance
  • Consciousness: Key Concepts of Ancient Traditions
  • Psychology of the Ego and Psychology of the Essential Being
The Paradign of Self-knowledge

The Paradigm of Self-knowledge


This second module provides insight into personal, mental and emotional processes, and offers techniques that make it possible to transcend suffering in order to reach the core of peace and harmony that constitutes the true nature of the human being, the first step to reach Integral Welfare or Awakening.


  • Architecture of the Psyche II
  • Transpersonal Analysis: The Exit from the Labyrinth


  • The transcendence of the Ego and Mystical Death
  • Levels of Consciousness and Reality
  • The mind and mental processes
  • Self-Observation and meditation: Transpersonal tools for transformation
  • The Divine Nature: Essential Qualities of the Human Being

We are living a crucial moment in the history of humanity. New schools, institutes and universities are needed to teach an unbiased type of thinking that can generate a radical change. In turn, this can cause a permanent revolution inside the human being through Love. Only in this way will it be possible to create a harmonious society.

Transpersonal Universe Connection to the Human Body

Transpersonal Universe


These modules are about investigating the subtle reality of the human being and its inner dimensions. They  propose the application of the transpersonal experience in therapy, extending and completing the concepts about the deep anatomy of the human being and reality: psychoenergetic centers, chakras, subtle bodies, and the multidimensionality of the universe, among others. This module will give you a deeper understanding of the universe, creation and universal laws according to the philosophy of the ancient traditions and the sacred books of the same: karma and dharma, return, recurrence, reincarnation, compensation, etc. You will also explore key concepts in order to understand your living circumstances, family and personal relations, the appearance of certain symptoms and situations, and also the tools to be able to transcend these aspects and the causes that generated them.


  • The Map of the Transpersonal Experience
  • Following the Traces of Spirit
  • Universal Laws and the Functioning of the Psyche
  • Ancient Techniques for the Inner Journey


  • Multidimensionality of the Universe: The Realms of the Transpersonal
  • The Transpersonal Experience: Transpersonal and Spiritual Maps
  • Spiritual Aspects of the Psychological process
  • Universal Laws: Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation
    Recurrence and its Application in Transpersonal Therapy
  • The process of death. Processes of death and rebirth
  • Evolution, Involution or Re-evolution: Beyond Healing
  • Subtle Anatomy of the Human Being II: Chakras and Subtle Bodies
  • Universal Symbols and Archetypes
  • Mythology: A Description of the Internal Processes
  • Sound, Music and Consciousness
  • Extra Sensory Perception Versus Psychological Pathology
  • Dreams, the Shamanic Journey, Rituals and Breath: Sacred Transpersonal Technology
Transpersonal Analysis - Pneuma Institute

Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork


This module provides a detailed study of the different dysfunctional elements of the psyche that are discovered as a result of the pneumatic analytical investigation.
These elements wear out our vital energy and progressively lead to states of disintegration and suffering. These pathologies are recognized as neuroses, depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, stress, psychoses, etc. According to certain traditions, these elements are known as ego, and these traditions propose that it is possible to eliminate them through the understanding and analysis of their unconscious dynamics. This is made possible through the introduction of spiritual aspects, unknown to common psychology.

In this module we will also discuss the fundamentals and structure of Pneuma Therapy sessions. As well, we will work on the preparation for sessions of Pneuma Breathwork which includes: an explanation of the map of inner navigation, focus on the intention of the participant, construction of an evocative playlist, breathing methodology as well as phases of the practice that allow openings into unknown spaces in the psyche.

We will also describe the means and strategies for the adequate integration of the experience, such as visual expression through drawing mandalas and sharing essential themes with the group. As well, we will study various forms of bodywork that can optimize the experience and support the patient to release physical, emotional or energetic blockages that may occur during his or her process.


  • Multiple, Fundamental Errors of the Mind, Analysis and Unconscious Dynamics
  • The Session of Pneuma Therapy and its Phases
  • From Fragmentation to the Unity of the Psyche
  • The Role of the Therapist in Sessions of Pneuma Breathwork, Strategies of Intervention and Non-Intervention
  • The Therapist and the Processes of Deconstructing the Ego
  • The Physiological Process in Breathwork
  • Mandalas and the Metabolization of the Transpersonal Experience


  • The map of Self-realization as a Map of the Healing Process of the Psyche
  • Self-realization: The Elimination of Psychological Aggregates, or Fundamental Errors of the Mind, for the Emergence of our Original Nature
  • The Therapy Session: Structure and Key Elements
  • The Potential of Amplified States of Consciousness in Order to Explore the Unconscious
  • Music and the Inner Spaces
  • Mandalas: Analysis and Significance
  • Bodywork During a Session of Pneuma Breathwork
  • Functions of the Facilitator and/or Therapist, and Strategies for their Inner Progression
  • Psychopathological Conglomerates: Study and Transcendence in the Context of Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis

The multidisciplinary, academic, artistic and spiritual education provided by Pneuma Institute gives you the possibility to cultivate a transcendental type of consciousness and to abolish fear, which blocks the creative force that gives way to pure, spontaneous activity in everyday life. Pneuma Psychology will give you the scientific methods and procedures that human beings need to know themselves, transform themselves radically and contribute to the creation of a new Culture of Peace.

Cartography of Consciousness

Cartography of Consciousness


This module deals with the knowledge and understanding of the internal processes of transformation through the study of myths, archetypes and symbols from the oldest traditions on the planet: Buddhism, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Christianity, Hinduism, Alchemy, Greek Mythology, etc. These symbols and archetypes belong to the collective unconscious of humanity and are still active and present today inside the human being. Through the experience and integration of these archetypes and symbols, their healing potential and a greater understanding of the inner processes are activated.

This module also provides an essential insight into the experience of sexuality from a sacred perspective that includes body, soul and spirit, keys to emotional, energetic and spiritual health, as well as healthy relationships in the world today.


  • The East and the Return to Unity
  • Gnosis and Christianity: The Path to Inner Divinity
  • Sexuality: Sacrality, Energy and Love


The inner process and enlightenment in the traditions:
  • Creative Energy and Sacred Sexuality
  • Hinduism, First Heirs of Knowledge: The Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita
  • Egypt and the Key to the Mystery Cults
  • Greece: Knowledge Reaches the West
  • Judaism, from the Macrocosm to the microcosm: Christic Kabbalah
  • Christianity, the Subtle Energy of Love: The Gnostic and Apocryphal Gospels
  • Buddhism, Between the World and Nirvana: The Sutras
  • Islam and Sufism, Back to Unity or Looking for the Beloved: The Quran
Transpersonal Training Certification at Pneuma Institute



In this module, we complete the learning process that the student started approximately two years before. This module will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, demonstrate the integration of your experiences and competence as a facilitator, as well as share and assess your journey of self-knowledge.

We will present clinical and practical cases where the effectiveness of the system is verified. We will define the scope of each of the techniques that are practiced during the training: self-observation, relaxation, meditation, work with the archetypes and Pneuma Breathwork. We will focus attention of the therapist’s role from the vision of Pneuma, giving specific indications for the therapist’s inner work. Additionally, we will differentiate Pneuma Therapy from other techniques of personal development and psychological healing.

We value and respect all religions and spiritual traditions. We promote superior intelligence and emotion, free of all ego, as a permanent centre of consciousness in the human being, in order to walk towards a future of coexistence, decency, freedom, compassion and brotherhood with others and with nature. We aim to help humanity to appreciate life as a precious opportunity to achieve self realization.


The Experience of Divinity


by Juan Ruiz Naupari


October 27th 2020