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Module V

Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork


This module provides a detailed study of the different dysfunctional elements of the psyche that are discovered as a result of the pneumatic analytical investigation.
These elements wear out our vital energy and progressively lead to states of disintegration and suffering. These pathologies are recognized as neuroses, depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, stress, psychoses, etc. According to certain traditions, these elements are known as ego, and these traditions propose that it is possible to eliminate them through the understanding and analysis of their unconscious dynamics. This is made possible through the introduction of spiritual aspects, unknown to common psychology.

In this module we will also discuss the fundamentals and structure of Pneuma Therapy sessions. As well, we will work on the preparation for sessions of Pneuma Breathwork which includes: an explanation of the map of inner navigation, focus on the intention of the participant, construction of an evocative playlist, breathing methodology as well as phases of the practice that allow openings into unknown spaces in the psyche.

We will also describe the means and strategies for the adequate integration of the experience, such as visual expression through drawing mandalas and sharing essential themes with the group. As well, we will study various forms of bodywork that can optimize the experience and support the patient to release physical, emotional or energetic blockages that may occur during his or her process.


  • Multiple, Fundamental Errors of the Mind, Analysis and Unconscious Dynamics
  • The Session of Pneuma Therapy and its Phases
  • From Fragmentation to the Unity of the Psyche
  • The Role of the Therapist in Sessions of Pneuma Breathwork, Strategies of Intervention and Non-Intervention
  • The Therapist and the Processes of Deconstructing the Ego
  • The Physiological Process in Breathwork
  • Mandalas and the Metabolization of the Transpersonal Experience


  • The map of Self-realization as a Map of the Healing Process of the Psyche
  • Self-realization: The Elimination of Psychological Aggregates, or Fundamental Errors of the Mind, for the Emergence of our Original Nature
  • The Therapy Session: Structure and Key Elements
  • The Potential of Amplified States of Consciousness in Order to Explore the Unconscious
  • Music and the Inner Spaces
  • Mandalas: Analysis and Significance
  • Bodywork During a Session of Pneuma Breathwork
  • Functions of the Facilitator and/or Therapist, and Strategies for their Inner Progression
  • Psychopathological Conglomerates: Study and Transcendence in the Context of Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis

We value and respect all religions and spiritual traditions. We promote superior intelligence and emotion, free of all ego, as a permanent centre of consciousness in the human being, in order to walk towards a future of coexistence, decency, freedom, compassion and brotherhood with others and with nature. We aim to help humanity to appreciate life as a precious opportunity to achieve self realization.


The Experience of Divinity


by Juan Ruiz Naupari


October 27th 2020