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Workshop Death – Rebirth and Pneuma Breathwork

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Maite Pardo Sol
11-12 February. Hermosillo, Mexico.


– 10:00-13:30 & 15:00-18:00


– 10:00-13:30

– 15:00-19:00 Pneuma Breathwork (included in the course and also open to the general public).


An intensive weekend to review, understand and renew your concepts of death and the dying process.
Understand your circumstances and your personal history, harmonize with what Is,… and recover your energy to live more fully.


“Oh, blessed he who has died before dying,
for he has perceived the perfume of the origin of this Vergel”.


Key concepts:

Types of death & rebirth: physical, psychological and spiritual or mystical.

Accompanying the process of physical death according to spiritual traditions.

Grief, its phases and how to go through it.

Learning to leave the physical body: work on attachment and fear.

Life, Rebirth and previous lives: Life cycles and universal laws: Karma-Dharma, Evolution and Involution, Recurrence, Rebirth, Reincarnation.

Death in ancestral traditions: The Tibetan Book of the Dead: intermediate states, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead: coming out into the Light of Day.

Psychological and Mystical Death: Stop being the ego to be reborn to Spirit in everyday life. Archetypes of the process of Death. Alchemical transformation.

What will you learn:

– What is death and what is life: difference between life and existence.

– Types of death: psychological, mystical & physical.

– What happens in the process of physical death.

– How to accompany a loved one in this transition.

– The mourning process to free oneself from the suffering of loss.

– How to live a conscious life as a preparation for “well-dying”.

– What information is provided to us with the memory of previous lives.

– What happens in the period between one existence and the next.

– How to live fully and recover your true Essence.


Active and participatory, with practices of self-observation and deep analysis of the contents that we have in our psyche on this subject: ideas, beliefs, projections, fears, etc; meditation practices and life-review.

The navigation map of Life and Death that the different traditions have left us with, will provide us with a greater understanding so that we can learn to locate ourselves as human beings within the framework of one and eternal life.

Pneuma Breathwork, the experience of divinity:

We will close this intensive weekend with a Pneuma Breathwork session, the most powerful meditative practice that exists currently to enter Expanded States of Consciousness safely and easily through breathwork.

This practice has been developed by the transpersonal psychologist Juan Ruiz Naupari, director of Pneuma Institute, after researching technologies from the sacred ancestral traditions while being under the guidance and inspiration of the Archetype of the Golden Eagle.

This practice will be the finishing touch to conclude a transformative workshop and discover, through your own experience, your true essential, unique and eternal nature.



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